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Protect your home, vacation home, pool house or guest house from freezing pipes with a hi/low temperature sensor that easily installs into most existing security systems.

The environmental device monitors temperatures from -30 to +130° F and has adjustable high and low alarm set points. When the temperature reaches above or below the point you specify, the central monitoring station is contacted and you are immediately notified.

Insurance carriers are starting to offer additional discounts off of homeowner’s insurance if a home is equipped with a monitored environmental sensor, such as water detectors and temperature sensors.

• Wine Cellars
• IT Rooms
• Vacation Homes
• Pool Houses
• Guest Houses
• Barns

Nearly 40 percent of homeowners leaving their homes for vacation turn down the heat during cold weather months to less than 60 degrees.

Burst water pipes account for nealy 20 percent of water damage.

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