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Home automation, or the connected “Smart Home,” provides considerable lifestyle conveniences and energy savings for homeowners. Home automation is the process of automating your environment to control lights, security, locks, heating and cooling, appliances and communication.

• Automate your garage doors to auto close.
• Automate your thermostats to turn up or down at certain times of the day.
• Check on your home from anywhere in the world with your mobile phone, tablet or PC.
• Control your environment remotely: Turn on and off your alarm system, open or close your doors
• View your home, your family and your pets with affordable cameras on your mobile phone, tablet or PC.
• Provide everyone a code for keyless entry with the Virtual Keypad app.

Home Automation systems turn your home into a “Smart Home” by communicating with you and saving you time, energy, and money. This technology is now more affordable than ever and offers offers interactive applications that allow people to manage their home remotely through their iPad, smart phone or computer..

On your way to work and forgot to arm your security system? You can arm it immediately from your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Set it up to receive a text-message notification any time your carbon-monoxide or smoke detectors indicate an emergency or if someone else has armed or disarmed it.

Use the motion-detection settings to have your camera record anyone who enters the house and then send alerts to your phone, or set your system to turn lights on when you walk into a room.

Lock or unlock exterior doors, so you can let someone in, even when you are not, and eliminate the need to rush home to verify that you locked the door on your way out. Open or close your garage door, or check status of door while away.

Receive a text message any time a signal is triggered in your house, such as from a liquor cabinet or pool gate opening.

Adjust your temperature from your phone, or set automatic adjustments at certain times during the day. Wake up to a warm house in the winter, and lower the temperature after you leave for work. A real energy and money saver. You can also adjust it with a touch of a button on your phone.

You know your home is protecting itself and your loved ones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year — and with a Smart Home Automation System from HW Automation you have the ability to communicate with it at any time.

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