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What are the Benefits of an Alarm System for My Company?
It can save you money by increasing the efficiency in you and your employees. It also is key to reducing shrinkage which is the highest loss in businesses today.

How Do Intrusion Systems Work?
A system control panel is installed inside your building. Devices are mounted to secure doors, windows, and interior “space” that an intruder could enter. An alarm system can be either hardwired or wireless.

What About False Alarms?
HW Automation has one of the lowest false-alarm rates in the industry. Why? Each system is customized to meet your individual needs, thus reducing the chance of accidental alarms.

What are Common Components of a Security System?
Common components of a security system include window and door contacts, motions detectors and smoke detection.

What is Monitoring and How Does it Work?
A security and/or fire system is monitored when a remote central monitoring station receives signals from the panel after a device is breached.

What is Video Verification and Video Monitoring?
Both have a place in the security industry and give you the peace of mind knowing your property and employees are secure.

What Are My Monitoring Options?
Because each system is designed differently and highly customized to meet the needs of our clients, so are the options for monitoring.

What is Automation and Energy Management?
Automation provides considerable lifestyle conveniences and energy savings for business owners. It is the process of automation your environment to control lights, security, locks, heating and cooling, appliances and communication.

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