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Whether the smallest of companies or the largest of corporations, ensuring that your business and all those within it are safe and secure at all times is essential. At HW Automation, we are proud to provide the latest, highest quality, most advanced monitored business security systems and intrusion detection solutions available today to help protect your investments and prevent loss, all backed by an unrivaled level of superior customer service and support.​

From basic small business security systems and burglar alarms to large commercial solutions, our experienced team of business security experts will work with you to customize security system for business solutions around the precise needs of your company.

Features can include door and window contacts, motion detectors, duress and medical assist buttons, infrared detectors, glass break detectors, asset tracking devices, sirens, horns, strobes, cellular backup, internet communicators and more. The latest breakthroughs in security technology now allow you to gain access, monitor and control your security systems wherever you are using the Internet from your desktop or mobile device. HW Automation can also convert or upgrade many compatible existing systems at low or no cost.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—our experienced, highly trained business security systems monitoring professionals are always keeping a close eye on your business from our world-class award winning security alarm monitoring center—whether you are there or not!

From theft, burglary, and vandalism to fire and medical emergencies, with an HW Automation business security system installed and activated, you can always have peace of mind in knowing that your business and its employees and customers are being protected by the best business security technology and equipment the industry has to offer.

Interactive Solutions: Stay Connected. Stay Secure.

As a business owner, you need to keep your business property secure, make sure your employees are safe, protect your investment, among many other responsibilities. Rest assured with proven HW Automation protection to deter burglary, theft and vandalism at your business and to make sure things run smoothly in your absence.

• Download free apps for your iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices to remotely control your security system.
• Manage the security of multiple businesses from a secure website
• Set up unique access codes for employees
• Search activity history and check in for updates.
• Set up arming/disarming schedules​​
• Receive daily or weekly activity reports

Better Security: Wireless 365 Monitoring​

We have taken advantage of all the power of advanced wireless, web and mobile technologies to make HW Automation security systems truly better and safer than the rest. That’s how we offer you features that aren’t available from other commercial security providers. An HW Automation security system interacts with the central station faster than a traditional alarm to send out a speedier response. We utilize wireless always-on GSM technology to protect your business 24/7, even when the power goes out. When trouble strikes, HW Automation is able to interact with the central monitoring station faster than traditional security systems to send out an immediate response.

​Custom Installation

Since 1994, the security experts at HW Automation have specialized in design, wiring, installation and services for business security systems and protection. Over the years our areas of expertise has grown, allowing us to provide commercial businesses of all sizes with complete installation, setup and services.

Our sales team will review your needs and help you determine the best solution to address your business needs. When you are interested in securing your business premises to prevent internal and external theft and loss of property, HW Automation can install it all.

Our customized commercial installation systems are designed for specific security, alarm or data needs and installed to meet individual business requirements. With an installation by HW Automation, you can rely on quality installation and wiring services done right. If you have code requirements to meet, our team will ensure those requirements are met the first time around.

​Don’t leave your business at risk for another day! Want more information? You can call us toll-free at (800) 4HWA-HELP to schedule your free onsite security assessment, and find out more about the installation of state-of-the-art business security systems from HW Automation.

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