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The Boss is Always In.

Yes, it can be done: be in two places at once and keep an eye on your business when you are away through your laptop, phone or iPad with online internet remote viewing. This is an excellent quality control measure for multiple locations.

Have secured, integrated access to your building’s security or camera system from your home, across town, or while away on a business trip. Easily turn on and off the system or play back video with a touch of a button.

Remote video services also provides video clips or instant notifications on your device when someone enters into vulnerable areas of the building. This allows you to:

  • observe employee performance, productivity and behavior

  • guard against theft, vandalism and loitering by being alerted
    to activity in outdoor environments like building entrances and exits,
    care lots, rooftops, schoolyards and loading docks.



Access video activity through any computer

Use either hardwired analog or wireless IP cameras

Receive text messages and video clips instantly in your email or on your web-enabled phone

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