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Water Level Detection


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For Areas Prone to Flooding.

Water Detection Device - Flood insurance claims are the costliest of all claims. Have the peace of mind in knowing we’ve got you covered with waterbugs that prevent a possible disaster.

HW Automation offers water detection devices that can be placed near a problem area and alert the monitoring station if there is a flood or other water leak. These are also referred to as “waterbugs.”

As the name suggests, the device is installed in areas prone to flooding and connects to you alarm panel. When the probes detect water, a signal is relayed over to the central station as a non-life threatening environmental alarm. The alarm monitoring station then notifies you about your water problem.

The waterbug does not trip due to condensation and humidity.


• Computer IT rooms
• Wine Cellars or Basements
• Storage Areas
• Sprinkler Areas
• Warehouses

This water device has helped save many business owners thousands of dollars in water damage.

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