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Video Surveillance Systems from HW Automation offer you total peace of mind. Enjoy the freedom to leave your business knowing you can check in anytime,  whenever and wherever you are. We provide a full range of the latest in security video systems, wired or wireless capabilities and installation to secure any commercial property. Our security and installation experts will assist you in protecting your business and securing your assets. Each installation is designed around a complete review of the premises, and security priorities you wish to protect most. Our Commercial Surveillance Specialists will review your business and design a system surveillance system determine the best surveillance camera system for your needs, and recommend the best installation location for cameras and recording devices.​​

​Using strategically installed surveillance cameras, you can record activity inside your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each camera allows you to conveniently monitor and record events happening at your place of work. Recorded events can even be recalled for viewing at later dates. And with remote access, you can check in to view live feed at any time from anywhere using a web enabled computer or mobile device.

We offer complete commercial surveillance solutions, whether you are protecting a huge corporate structure or a small business property. Our Commercial Surveillance experts will design the right custom system for you. The systems we install are also flexible to allow for additional surveillance devices as your safety and security needs might change.​​

HW Automation Commercial Surveillance Solutions include:​

• IP Cameras
• Indoor Cameras
• Outdoor Cameras
• Day/Night Cameras
• Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras​​

• ​​​Online Access
• LCD Monitors
• Cell Phone Viewing
• Digital Video Recorders
• U.L. Central Station Monitoring 

Digital Surveillance

​Installation of quality video cameras is extremely important when it comes to the protection of your business, assets, employees and customers. HW Automation commercial quality Digital Video Surveillance Cameras are the most up-to-date technology and state-of-the art in commercial security and protection. They are durable enough to sustain any business environment, and provide the best quality video recordings thorough the use of latest digital technology.

​Digital cameras are clear and offer better range in recording so that you can see more of what is happening in your business. In conjunction with a digital recording device, you can be sure that the video feed from the cameras is being recorded and stored in a safe and secure fashion. Also, our security installation experts now offer secure wiring options and the ability to view your video online. Now you can keep an eye on your business from where ever you are and enjoy the piece of mind that your most valuable investment is well protected.​

Remote Access

​HW Automation will install your video surveillance system to provide you with access to live video feed anytime you want. We specialize in digital surveillance systems, and will install your system so that you can access from any computer of mobile device, anytime. This offers you the security, protection and peace of mind, knowing that your property is even more safe with you watching it. Plus, our Award Winning  Team of Commercial Surveillance Monitoring Experts team are live and on duty around the clock should any alarms be triggered and alert critical response teams.

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