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HW Automation offers the best customized, professionally installed and monitored home security systems in the Southeast.

Burglary detection is usually the first thing that comes to people’s mind when they think of home security or home alarm systems. Also known as intrusion in the security industry, burglary detection systems are designed to deter intruders, prevent break-ins and can have multiple layers of security. It can form a perimeter around your home with outdoor beams, door and window devices, and it can also provide inner protection with motion and glass breakage sensors.

A system can be designed for new homes or can be retro-fit for existing. It can be hard wired, wireless, or both, depending upon your needs.

Our clients rely on our discretion as we learn about their lifestyle to design the right security system for their homes.

HW Automation uses high quality products from Honeywell, Bosch, Panasonic, GE Security, and more. The more products we can offer, the better your experience with home security and HW Automation will be.

HW Automation, Inc. also offers local monitoring services for homes with or without phone lines.

Alongside homeowners like you we work with builders, remodelers, and real estate agents.

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