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The highly trained staff at HW Automation's UL listed alarm monitoring station is dedicated to providing you the most responsive and reliable monitoring service.  We are dedicated  to keeping our eyes watching your property and loved ones when you cannot. There are many benefits to having our System Monitoring services. Ultimately beneficial is the constant protection provided. ​​

​HW Automation system monitoring is like having someone standing guard around your house at all times. In case of an emergency situation, our central station will be notified immediately, alert and dispatch the appropriate responsive authorities. Rest assured there are live individuals available 24/7/365 as members of our award winning team  of professional Emergency Response Technicians.  Our job is to worry, so you don't have to.

With HW Automation System Monitoring you are adding a level of security that cannot be matched. You will have eyes and ears on your home whether you are there or not.  If on vacation it is like having a house sitter in your home for the duration of your trip. This can add to your peace of mind and allow you to enjoy the time you are away from your home and valuables.
HW Automation System Monitoring offers peace of mind because it never takes a day off. Someone will always be watching over you and your home and family. We even offer Bundled Monitoring Solutions for all of your Residential Security & Safety Systems.

State-of-the-art Protection Technology​

HW Automation Monitoring Benefits and Features:

· Burglar/Break-in Monitoring 
· Fire/Hazard Monitoring 
· Medical Emergencies       
· Panic/Duress Alert 
· Wireless Monitoring 
· Back up/down phone line Monitoring

· Video 'look-ins' and Verification


Security system monitoring makes your home three to four times less likely to be burglarized. Why take the chance of not having security system monitoring?  Plus, not only will you prevent the costs associated with break-ins, but you can also save up to 20 percent on your homeowners insurance by having HW Automation's System Monitoring Service.

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