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Bringing The Big Screen Experience Home

​If you enjoy relaxing with the family and watching TV, movies or the big game,there is no better way to enhance your experience than by settling down in your very own custom designed home theater room.

At HW Automation we have been designing and installing custom home cinema systems for over a decade. If you are looking for a custom designed dedicated home theater or a discrete hidden cinema system for your family room or den, our team can help transform your room in to a perfect environment for family entertainment.​​

Entertainment Meets Comfort and Style​

For the best possible movie experience a dedicated theater room in your home will provide an experience unmatched by even your local multiplex. Our dedicated cinema rooms incorporate tiers of luxurious electric reclining cinema seats, the very best projectors, speakers, electronics and acoustic treatments to ensure you enjoy huge razor sharp lifelike images and jaw dropping immersive surround sound.
Every theater room we create is completely unique and designed around your room, your family and how you wish to use the room. We offer a level of service to suit you from a "Turn Key" solution of complete interior and acoustic design, project management, structural build, decoration, AV installation and calibration to simply audio visual system design and installation working in conjunction with your existing contractors and interior designers. Whatever level of involvement you would like us to have in your project we have a single goal in mind - To deliver the best possible cinema experience for you budget.

Inspired Mood Lighting

When designing a dedicated Home Theater Room, an often overlooked element is the lighting. Ensuring your cinema has suitable lighting circuits and fittings to reflect how the room will be used will not only enhance the look of the room but also the performance of the system. By combining soft discrete hidden feature lights, step lights,  spot lights and anti glare wall sconces we can create the perfect lighting mood for relaxing to watch TV, settling down for a movie or even lighting a pathway to the bathroom during an intermission all at a touch of a button on your remote control.

Theater Seats and Accessories​

As you are sitting in a relatively fixed position while watching a film, which could be up to three hours long, a comfortable seat will allow you to relax in complete comfort for the duration of the film.

Part of creating the theater experience is tiers of cinema seats; this is an extremely important element in creating the authentic atmosphere. To this end we provide electric reclining cinema seats in a variety of styles, finishes and shapes from the best manufacturers in the business, all of who offer standard ranges and custom options to perfectly match you seats to the interior design of the room.

Popcorn machines, chocolate displays and cold drink fridges for the children and bar areas for the adults can also be incorporated in to your room, either discretely or on display, again to create the perfect cinema environment for yourself and your family.

Turn Key Solutions

To ensure you get the best possible experience from your cinema room, the design stage is of the utmost importance. Whether working alongside your architect, interior designer and builder, or providing a full turn key solution in house, HW Automation provides the highest standard of interior, acoustic and ergonomic design. That makes the difference between an average home cinema and one which simply takes your breath away.

HW Automation is one of the few companies in South Florida who provide complete in house consultancy, design, build and installation of dedicated cinema room and games room projects. Many of our clients simply want one point of contact and responsibility for their whole project as they do not have the time to employ, manage and coordinate builders and other trades themselves.
From the point a design is signed off on, our project managers will take control. They will proving you with a clear concise project program and keep you informed of progress. These systems are in place to ensure all work is completely done to the highest of standards.

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