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High definition quality in every room

​A multi room HD video system will provide instant access to multiple HD boxes, CCTV, DVD and Blu-Ray libraries, PC's and games consoles at the simple touch of a button. You will be able to watch any media source in any room in your house in full HD quality.

An integrated HD video system will locate all major video equipment in a centrally located AV rack and our cabling infrastructure will then distribute these video sources in HD to every TV screen. A  matrix switch allows each room to watch any of the central sources independently. For example, you can watch HD box 1 from the family room, HD box 2 from the ​​​kitchen, a stored blu-ray in the theater room, while the children  are watching different stored DVD's in their bedrooms. Intelligent, easy to use remote controls in each room will make selecting what you would like to watch incredibly simple via the press of a button.​​

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